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Trump hasn’t delivered on promises to our country

Trump hasn’t delivered on promises to our country
If you hired a guy to “Make My House Great Again” and he stole your money, and he gave it to your rich neighbors, and he abused peaceful tenants, and he let everyone get sick, and he stopped the mail from coming to your house, and he burned your house down, would you hire him again?
Thomas Giebink

President is working to divide our great country
There’s a lot of racial unrest right now. That said, we have another division in our nation: “Partisan racism: red vs. blue.” America has not been this divided since the Civil War. During his RNC speech our president said, “Democrats are full of hate!” Is this something a president should say?” Trump has been the most divisive president in history. A president needs to work hard to bring our nation together, not constantly try to divide us.
Even truth has taken on a different meaning due to the many lies that Trump tells. Lies that many people believe are true.
Bernie Sanders was scorned for being a “socialist.” Well, Donald Trump appears to have grander goals to become a dictator. President Trump was impeached by the House for soliciting aid from a foreign country to help him get elected. Yet this impeached President is running for another term.
Only a dictator wannabe would attempt to sabotage the election by directing a campaign contributor (conveniently appointed by Trump to run the USPS) to remove sorting machines in the middle of a pandemic in order to reduce voter turnout. We need to return to “One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all!”
Margaret C. Bach

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 9/10/20

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