Executive Committee

Photo of the 2019-2021 Gallatin County Democratic Executive Committee
2019-2021 Executive Committee

The Gallatin County Democrats Executive Committee consists of the officers elected in odd years at the Gallatin County Convention. The officers elected by the county convention are charged with the execution of the county party’s policies and programs between meetings of the full committee. The Executive Committee meets monthly.

The current Executive Committee was elected in Spring 2019 and will serve a two year term.

  • Chair – Elizabeth Marum
  • Vice-Chair – Derek Ivester
  • Treasurer – Hanah McCarthy
  • Secretary – Linda Gabel
  • State Committee Rep – Alyson Roberts
  • State Committee Rep – Kelly Kortum
  • Alternate Committee Rep – Julia Thiebes
  • Alternate Committee Rep – Jake Dolan
  • Second Alternate Committee Rep – Joanna Whittle
  • Second Alternate Committee Rep – Seth Mangini

To contact a member of the Executive Committee, visit the Contact Us page.