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Decency, integrity must be returned to White House

I am starting my list for Christmas early. I want: a president who has empathy for average Americans’ daily struggles; a president who works the job, not craves attention; a president who listens to experts in whatever field of study, science or information is at issue; a president who puts the lives of our fighting men and women ahead of his perceived relationships with our nation’s adversaries; a president who values the lives of all Americans, not just those he deems “loyal” to him; a president who will address the internal emergencies we face and provide aid to all in need not just those who supported him; a president who guarantees the right of all Americans to cast their votes and will not suppress it, but instead works for ways to ensure every Americans can participate in our democracy; a president who does not see the color of a person’s skin and judges them on that criteria alone; a president who will preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution and not just mouth an empty promise.
I want decency, integrity and truthfulness returned to the White House. I want Joe Biden as my next president.
Ruth Kopec

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 9/11/20

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