MT Democratic Infrastructure

The county central committees are the heart of the Democratic infrastructure and need you in order to succeed. Central committees consist of your neighbors, and rely almost entirely on local donations to function.

Your recurring donation of $5-$10 a month (or more if you can) supports year-round activities as well as builds the infrastructure required to support Democratic candidates running for office at all levels across Montana. Without you and your investment, Democratic central committees will not be able to support the Democratic candidates who will best represent you and your values.

Below is a list of all the Montana Democratic county committees who could use your support. (If we missed anyone, let us know and we’ll add them.)

There are several other organizations that support Democratic values, locally and nationally. Visit their websites/Facebook pages below to learn more.

Big Sky Democrats

College Democrats at Montana State University

UM College Democrats

Montana College Democrats

Montana Progressive Democrats

Montana Democratic Party

Democratic National Committee