Gallatin County Precincts

Gallatin County is divided into relative equal population precincts. These precincts are joined to form the House District (3-4 precincts) and the Senate District (2 house districts) that form the Montana State Legislature.

Precinct Committee Representatives represent the precinct where they live, and are elected every two years, or as needed with vacancies. The Precinct Committee Representatives form the Gallatin County Democratic Central Committee and are the heart of democratic grassroots organizing at the local level. Precinct representatives have discretion and autonomy in organizing in their neighborhoods. They can knock doors, make phone calls, host gatherings, attend local meetings, and more all with the goal of getting to know neighbors and the issues facing them at the local level. 

As of September 2021, half of the precinct positions are vacant in Gallatin County. If you’re interested in stepping into this grassroots leadership role, contact us. Here is a list of precincts with at least one vacant position:

  • 61A, 61C, 61D
  • 62A, 62C
  • 63C
  • 64A, 64B, 64C, 64D
  • 65B
  • 66A, 66C
  • 67A, 67B, 67C
  • 68A, 68B, 68C
  • 69A, 69B, 69C, 69D

There are two Precinct Representatives per precinct, and they can not be of the same gender identity. In other words, there can be one female and one male in a precinct, or there could be one male and one non-binary. This is per the rules of the Montana Democratic Party, adopted and supported by the Gallatin County Democrats in 2019.

Use the interactive map below to find your precinct number, precinct committee people, and current elected representatives for the state legislature. You can also find your precinct number by looking at your voter registration.

(Please note that the map is approximate. For GIS accurate information, visit the Montana Legislature District Map or the Gallatin County Clerk & Recorder’s Map.)