About Us

In the sense of small “d” democracy, we are a grass roots amalgam of volunteers who, by and large, embrace the platforms of both the National Democratic Party and the Montana Democratic Party. Committeemen, committeewomen and other volunteers are welcome to help in local, state and national campaigns by canvassing, making calls and answering phones, volunteering at community events, data entry, putting up signs, calling in to talk radio, writing letters to the editor, facilitating mailings and lending a hand where and when needed.

Officially, the Gallatin County Democratic Central Committee (GCDCC) is chartered and organized under three authorities:

  1. The Montana Code Annotated, Section 13.38.101,
  2. The Rules of the Democratic Party of the State of Montana,
  3. The Rules of Gallatin County Democratic Central Committee
  1. Precinct committee people, one man and one woman, for each precinct in Gallatin County, are elected or appointed and make up the
  2. Gallatin County Democratic Central Committee (GCDCC), who then elect the
  3. Executive Committee, consisting of a chair, vice-chair, treasurer, secretary, two state committee representatives (not of the same gender), and 4 alternates. These positions serve a term of two years, elected in odd years.
  4. Our organization hired its first executive director in August 2020 to build our capacity, improve communications, and execute our objective of winning elections in Gallatin’s cities, county, state, and nation.

In 2018, the GCDCC adopted a three year strategic plan to guide our organization through the 2020 election.

Mission: The Gallatin Democrats champion our county to be a healthy, diverse, and inclusive community by facilitating the grassroots empowerment and election of Democrats.

Gallatin County Democrats Strategic Plan 2018-2020