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Volunteer for Democracy in Gallatin County

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All of us in Montana want a better future for ourselves and our loved ones. Right now, self-interested lawmakers use fear to divide us, sabotaging a caring, inclusive, and healthy community and future. We work to build a shared commitment to one another, envisioning the change we need in our community, and electing representatives who fight for that change. Join our movement today!

Become a Gallatin County Precinct Representative

A precinct is a local voting block, organized by similar population sizes. Precincts join to form the House District and the Senate District, which form the Montana State Legislature.

Precinct Committee Representatives are elected to serve the precinct in which they live and are the heart of local democratic grassroots organizing. They have the autonomy to organize their local neighborhoods. 

Most Precinct Rep positions in Gallatin County are vacant. Learn more about serving as a Democratic Precinct Rep.

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Our work towards a more Democratic Gallatin County is funded entirely by local donations. Contribute to our work and support a more livable and equitable Gallatin County for all.