I Will Volunteer!

Volunteer for Democracy
No matter whether you're a student or a senior citizen, live on a ranch or a reservation — all of us in Montana want a better future for ourselves and our loved ones. Right now, self-interested lawmakers are using fear to divide us, sabotaging our dream of a caring, inclusive, and healthy future for our community. Thankfully, when you and I come together — when we volunteer — we can build a Gallatin that is greater than fears of difference, government, science, and more. Will you join our movement today?
* Precinct committee representatives typically serve a two-year term and are elected/appointed by the Central Committee. Once you are elected, you’ll have a vote on the Central Committee. As a precinct representative, you’ll have the opportunity to organize your neighbors, get out the vote, promote your candidates, and build your community. If you are interested, we will help you to figure out if your precinct has a vacancy.