Ways to Volunteer

The Gallatin County Democrats are made up entirely of volunteers and therefore we can always use more help. Before are just some of the ways that you can get involved and make an impact locally.

During election years, candidates at all levels need volunteers willing to knock doors, make phone calls, and spread the word about their candidacy. We are happy to get you in touch with the right people in the campaign(s) you’d like to volunteer for – just contact us!

Make an impact at the most local level possible and volunteer to serve as a precinct committee representatives. There are several vacant precinct positions, so check out our precinct map to see if you live in a precinct in need of a representative.

Precinct committee representatives typically serve a two year term and are elected/appointed by the Central Committee. Once you are elected, you’ll have a vote on the Central Committee.

As a precinct representative, you’ll have the opportunity to organize your neighbors, get out the vote, promote your candidates, and build your community. There is even a fund available to financially support your activities. To learn more, contact us.

The Central Committee created various sub-committees to more effectively manage and implement our mission. The following sub-committees welcome new volunteers and input. Contact us to learn more.

  • Communications Committee
    • Focusing on the messaging and communication avenues for all Gallatin County Democratic activity, this committee manages our online presence and develops effective communications that support our mission.
    • Interim Chair: Alyson Roberts
  • Fundraising Committee
    • This committee seeks to raise funds necessary to continue operations, outreach, communication, and events that build our community and elect Democrats to office.
    • Chair: 
  • Outreach Committee
    • Tasked with building our presence throughout the community, this committee plans and executes all our outreach activities, including Blue Tuesdays, Blue Wave Book Club, Gallatin County festivals and parades, and the Big Sky Country State Fair, just to name a few.
    • Chair: Alyson Roberts
  • Precinct Development
    • This committee provides opportunities to further develop precinct people and their communities.
    • Chair: Jerry Gossel
  • Volunteer Committee
    • This committee works with volunteers to find the best fit for them based on their skills and areas of interest.
    • Chair: Elizabeth Marum