Ways to Volunteer

The Gallatin County Democrats are made up almost entirely of volunteers and  your voice, ideas, time, talent and resources are needed to move conversations forward, elect good candidates, and share Democratic values with your neighbors across the county and beyond.

Below are just some of the ways that you can get involved and make an impact locally.

Make an impact at the most local level possible and volunteer to serve as a precinct committee representative. There are many vacant precinct positions, so check out our precinct map to see if you live in a precinct in need of a representative. Below is a list of vacancies. For each precinct, the Montana Democratic Party Rules state that there must be two representatives of different gender identities. In addition, precinct representatives must live within the boundaries of their precinct.

Precinct committee representatives typically serve a two-year term and are elected/appointed by the Central Committee. Once you are elected, you’ll have a vote on the Central Committee.

As a precinct representative, you’ll have the opportunity to organize your neighbors, get out the vote, promote your candidates, and build your community.  To learn more, contact us.

Vacant Precincts as of October 2021:

  • 61A: one position
  • 61C: one position
  • 61D: one position
  • 62A: both
  • 62C: two position
  • 63C: one position
  • 64A: both
  • 64B: both
  • 64C: one position
  • 64D: one position
  • 65B: both
  • 66A: both
  • 66C: one position
  • 67A: one position
  • 67B: one position
  • 67C: one position
  • 68A: one position
  • 68B: one position
  • 68C: both
  • 69A: one position
  • 69B: both
  • 69C: one position
  • 69D: both

Throughout the year, there are different events, initiatives, and engagement opportunities. You can be a part of the small team that helps plan and execute these opportunities. 

During the summer and fall every year, the Gallatin Democrats participate in community events such as the Manhattan Potato Festival and the Belgrade Fall Festival. Volunteers like you are needed to prepare for the parade and booth.

During the winter, you can help with educational and voter outreach events like candidate forums. 

If you’re ready to volunteer or have an idea you’d like to see happen, contact us. You can subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed on upcoming opportunities as well.

Reach is an organizing app that helps you connect with your networks about all the work you’re doing for Democratic values, policies, and calls-to-action. 

If you’d like to learn more, send Alyson an email.

Join us for any of our monthly meetings where we talk about current volunteer opportunities, important community action, and more. Visit our events for information on upcoming meetings. 

You’re invited to share your ideas on what we can do to continue to build our community, engage Gallatin County residents in Democratic values, and support our neighbors across the state. 

If you have suggestions, share them! Email us, give us a call, send a text, or attend a meeting

Email: info@gallatindemocrats.com

Text/Call: (406) 589-2165

The easiest way to stay connected to opportunities to engage and be a part of the conversation is to subscribe to our newsletter. We send, at most, two emails a week, but usually, it’s only one. We respect your inbox.