2023 Montana Legislature

This is what happened.

In January 2023, the Montana legislature went into session with the Republican Party holding a supermajority. Legislation was passed and signed into law that:

  • Restricted reproductive freedom. Abortion is protected by Montana’s explicit Right to Privacy, but several bills limited abortion access and reproductive healthcare (SB154, HB721, HB575, HB544, HB862, HB625, HB937, HB786, HB303)
  • Gave handouts to 1%. Instead of using Montana’s $3B federal pandemic surplus for infrastructure or public services, the legislature gave tax cuts to the rich and business; homeowners pay more towards state revenue than ever before (HB192, HB212, HB221, HB222, HB251, SB121, SB124)
  • Undermined public education. Criminalized teachers who offer loosely defined “obscene” books and diverted public funds to private entities with little oversight (HB562, HB393
  • Eroded the environment. Erasing Montana’s move toward environmentally sound energy sources, legislators repealed Montana’s state energy policy and at the 11th hour, prohibited MEPA from considering climate change in permitting (the bill was later declared unconstitutional by Held v Montana)
What issues would YOU have liked the legislature address? 

We want the legislature to tackle the serious problems we face: 

Housing                    Property taxes                   Healthcare                  Climate crisis

We work to elect representatives and legislators who work to address these issues and improve life for ALL Montanans. Register to vote. Attend one of our events and learn more about Gallatin Legislators and 2024 Candidates. Join our work!

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