Group photo of Gallatin Democrats and Candidates at the 2019 MSU Homecoming Parade

Our Mission

The Gallatin Democrats champion our county to be a healthy, diverse, and inclusive community by facilitating the grassroots empowerment and election of Democrats!

We strive to be the confluence of Democratic values and actions through Gallatin County.

2020 Democratic Candidates

Click on each office/group below to see who is running and a link to their website. Our list starts with county races, as we work from the bottom of the ballot up. We do not endorse any candidate for any office during the primary. The Montana primary will be held on June 2, 2020. View important election dates, check your voter registration status, or read about frequently asked questions to learn more about the 2020 election in Gallatin County. Here is a link to interesting information on primary elections across the U.S.

Gallatin County Commissioner

Zach Brown (Bozeman) –

Gallatin County Clerk of District Court

Sandy Erhardt (Bozeman) –

MT Senate District 31

Christopher Pope (Bozeman) –

MT House District 61

Brian Close (Bozeman) –

Jim Hamilton (Bozeman) (incumbent) –

MT House District 62

Ed Stafman (Bozeman) –

MT House District 63

Alice Buckley (Bozeman) –

MT House District 64

Brian Popiel (Bozeman) –

Josh Seckinger (Bozeman) –

MT House District 65

Kelly Kortum (Bozeman) –

MT House District 66 

Denise Hayman (Bozeman) (incumbent) –

MT House District 67

Colette Campbell (Belgrade) –

MT House District 68

Claire Broling (Bozeman) – no website to date

MT House District 69

No Democratic candidate

Attorney General

Kimberly Dudik (Frenchtown, MT) –

Raph Graybill (Great Falls, MT) –

Auditor, Commissioner Securities, and Insurance

Shane Morigeau (Missoula, MT) –

Mike Winsor (Helena, MT) – no website to date

Secretary of State

Bryce Bennett (Missoula, MT) –

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Melissa Romano (Helena, MT) –

Public Service Commission – District 2

Valerie McMurtry (Billings, MT) – no website to date

Public Service Commission – District 3

Tom Woods (Bozeman, MT) –

Public Service Commission – District 4

Daniel Carlino (Missoula, MT) –

Monica Tranel (Missoula, MT) –

Mike Cooney (Helena, MT) –

Whitney Williams (Missoula, MT) –

Kathleen Williams (Bozeman, MT) –

Tom Winter (Missoula, MT) –

Steve Bullock (Bozeman, MT) –

John Mues (Loma, MT) –