Your local donation supports local action

Your support is needed now more than ever. Your recurring donation of $5-$10 a month (or more if you can) builds the infrastructure to support the Democratic candidates who will work to reclaim our state. Your local Democrats rely solely on you for funding; no state or federal money funds our local efforts.

We have seen the legislation that a Republican-dominated state government will pass: tax cuts for the rich and out-of-state corporations, regressive energy policy, lowering water standards, hurting LGBTQ youth, and repressing women’s healthcare. 

By starting a monthly donation to the Gallatin County Democratic Central Committee, you will be helping build the local Democratic infrastructure we need to win elections. Central committees consist of your neighbors, and rely on local donations and volunteers to function.

Want to mail a check instead? Your investment will go farther, because of online processing fees. Mail your check to:

Gallatin County Democrats
P.O. Box 344
Bozeman, MT 59771

Our Accomplishments

Grassroots organizing wins races-from local to federal. Your local support helps us develop and grow these movements. Your funding resulted in many key accomplishments in Gallatin County, including:

  • Nine county seats won since 2018, including Clerk & Recorder and all three County Commissioners, one State Senate and one House seat flipped
  • All legislative seats retained in 2020 and 2022
  • Democrat Audrey Cromwell defeats the established Republican incumbent for County Attorney; campaign had strong ground game powered by Gallatin Democrat volunteers
  • In 2022, Gallatin County was the only county to outperform Monica Tranel’s campaign projections; Democratic candidates ran in every race, but County Sheriff
  • The new legislative map added 4-5 Democratic-leaning legislative seats to the 2024 election; each seat will be fought for…