Why donate to the Gallatin County Democrats?
  • We support all Democratic candidates running for office, but especially those running for county and legislative offices. In 2018 and again in 2020, the Gallatin County Democrats were able to contribute the maximum amount allowed to the four Democratic candidates running for county office – that’s $900 per candidate, more than any individual can contribute.
  • As a central committee, we can give more than individuals can to candidates.
  • We build community from the grassroots up, and provide events and engagement opportunities that elevate all Democrats.
  • We are accountable to you as a donor, and we honor your contribution through good management and proper reporting.

No one is an island, and no organization can operate without funding. Please consider donating on a reoccurring basis to support our operational costs as well as all the fun things we do.

American Flag in background with text: Our Mission: The Gallatin County Democrats champion our county to be a healthy, diverse, and inclusive community by facilitating the grassroots empowerment and election of Democrats!