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GOP lawmakers have bad ideas on abortion

How is abortion an issue in any lawmaking setting? It’s simply government intrusion into the private health care decisions of all women. Flat out, Lola Sheldon-Galloway needs to get out of politics if she thinks her personal opinions about abortion have any credence in the Legislature. She believes a woman is not important in an unwanted pregnancy. Wow, ever watch The Handmaid’s Tale?
Sharon Greef says she’s not bent on criminalizing abortion but she sure is driven to take away the right of indigenous women, women of color, and women living in rural settings to access immediate care by stripping those women of telehealth access to the abortion pill. Fishy.
Amy Regier’s and Jane Gillette’s bills are just useless rhetoric and focused on keeping women down — just rubbish.
Any of you four white women ever had to fight for health care access or deal with an unwanted pregnancy?
In the meantime, Caleb Hinkle wants to outright criminalize abortion in Montana by changing the definition of the word person ‘to include fetuses at any stage of development, “beginning at the stage of fertilization”.’
Matt Regier’s bill is idiotic requiring doctors to care for any infants that are born alive and implement punishment if they do not because he says “Some states are allowing abortions up to the point
of birth and maybe even beyond.” What states? How does abortion happen after the birth of a baby? Plain stupidity.
Also, what right do two white boys have to speak on abortion?
These representatives are propelling their personal agendas about an issue that has no business in any American political setting.
Question: Any of you willing to care for those children often born into poverty because the mothers were denied a safe abortion as well as little access to birth control? Bet not.
Kathryn McKeen

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 2/23/21

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