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With vote, we must put climate at forefront

This election is about survival, our way of life is at risk, and our democratic government is at risk. Our planet is at risk. It seems our lives are at stake after all. Fires, hurricanes, flooding, drought, heat, hunger, disease.
How obvious does it have to be before our abuse of the natural world finally challenges the survival of civilization? It seems to always happen to someone else, but without an effort to save what is left of our home, the planet, it will happen to all of us. Denial only works for so long.
Being the best or having the most will make no difference when the climate finally brings chaos front and center in each of our lives. A lot needs fixing. The clock is ticking. Science has brought our civilization this far. Maybe if we trust science to help find a way forward, the continual climate disasters might be modified and the toll on humanity eased.
There is only one choice in this election, and every vote toward the need to deal with climate change will hopefully bring a change that will give our children and our grandchildren a chance to have a future. Please vote as if your life depends on it, because it does.
Rande Mack

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 10/11/20

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