Readings recommended to ward off news depression-Favor Kathleen

I can’t speak for other readers, but I have a bit of trouble these days negotiating the slippery slope in avoiding depression. The administration’s misinformation about the pandemic and the tsunami of negative and outright false claims by many of the candidates, both on the air and in our mailboxes, is dispiriting enough without the growing dark cloud of global warming.
Thank heavens for Kathleen Williams’ positive-attitude campaign messages.
We can hope they disprove the generally held belief that negative election commercials are most effective.
I have sought relief from the current affairs’ situation in reading Carl Hiaasen’s new book “Squeeze Me.” It is a wonderful romp in social lampoonery, including laugh-out-loud Trump spoofing. This relative escapist reading can be wonderful tonic for C.A.D. (Current Affairs Depression).
Quite a different experience is Jon Tester’s memoir “Grounded.” This book, although not escapism, is still refreshing due to Jon’s plain-spoken recount of recent, predicating, current events. Hard
as it may be to believe, there is some respiriting value to be found in Jon’s rural lens and somewhat feral sense of humor.
Tim Crawford

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 10/13/20

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