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Elect Biden, Bullock; Complicit Dains, Gianforte

Return sanity to pubic office, elect Biden, Bullock
The perversity of Republican legislators and executives is now abundantly clear: favorable rules for themselves; unfavorable for Democrats. No even playing field and democracy be damned.
Republican senators, from McConnell to Daines, have said no Supreme Court appointments in an election year – until they want to approve one in an election year. At the presidential level, they discount the majority vote to steal the election at the Electoral College. (Remember how the Supreme Court denied a Florida recount in 2000?) At the state level, Republicans gerrymander election districts to favor themselves, denying overall control to majority Democrats in their states.
Democrats play fair; Republicans tweak the system to favor themselves. It’s essential that Democrats take control of state legislatures to accomplish fair redistricting in 2021 and take control of the House and Senate to rectify the damage done by Donald Trump in his failures as president re: food and safety regulations, climate change, inhumane immigration policies, tax policies that favor the wealthy and corporations, disastrous trade policies, damaged international relationships and the corona virus pandemic.
And, of course, it’s essential to elect Joe Biden President to return sanity and dignity to that office and to elect Steve Bullock as senator.
John Shellenberger
Congress has duty to recognize threat Trump poses
When pollsters ask me what my party affiliation is I tell them “American.” When that doesn’t fit their survey form  I tell them to just put independent. The point is, I don’t care what party you
represent, I just want what is best for my country.
Therefore, when I see our president state that he will not agree to leave office peacefully should he lose the election, I am absolutely shocked that we have two members of Congress, Sen. Steve
Daines and Rep. Greg Gianforte, who are absolutely complicit with a dictator “wannabe” attempting to destroy our democracy.
The peaceful transfer of power has always been a beacon of America which sets us aside from authoritative rule as we see in Putin’s Russia. If Daines and Gianforte can’t recognize the danger
this represents to our democracy and are unwilling to even speak out against such atrocious behavior, then voters need to send them both packing.
Orville Bach

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 10/10/20

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