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Gianforte’s lack of leadership – vote Cooney; Vote Democratic for a better future


Gianforte’s lack of leadership tells voters plenty
The recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Montana prompted Gov. Bullock to sensibly act to require masks for indoor public spaces. It was right; it will save the lives of Montanans. It took courage,
political and moral. He didn’t do it alone. His team included Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney, who has strongly supported Bullock in his key policies, Medicaid expansion, protection of public lands and  public education.
Greg Gianforte, running for governor, has offered periodic “feel-good” commentary during the pandemic. When it came time for action and a difficult decision, Gianforte is a no-show. Even now, with Bullock’s mask requirements, Gianforte has been absent, not showing support. When we needed him. He’s a weak candidate, hurting business.
Gianforte’s respect for science has been suspect. In this case, masks save lives! It is the easiest and most economical way to prevent this pandemic. Gianforte has not expressed his support of Bullock’s decision. Leadership matters. More Montanans will get sick. Scientific facts, more than ever.
We need a governor who will step up and make courageous decisions. Gianforte’s lack of leadership now is how he will govern, poorly and out of touch. Montana is better. Cooney is wise, a more
qualified leader.
Billy McWilliams

If you want better future, vote Dem in November
Every day more and more Republicans, independents and Democrats are standing up to Donald Trump’s love of the treasonous Confederate flag, celebration of white supremacy, desecration of our Constitution, and utter indifference to the deaths of almost 150,000 Americans (1/3 of all Americans since 1775 who have died on battlefields) from the coronavirus. Donald Trump – always putting himself before America – is openly corrupt, cowardly and treasonous. And the Republican Party largely cheers Trump’s war against our great nation.
As patriots we are recommitting ourselves to America’s founding principles – not yet fully realized – of human equality, freedom for all, and government for the “general welfare” of “we the people.”
We believe our unfair federal tax system must be changed to force corporations and billionaires to pay their fair share. We want our taxes to be invested in accessible and affordable health care
for all, public education, a green future, public lands, living wage legislation, worker protections, impoverished communities, infrastructure projects and social safety nets.
As common sense Montanans across political parties, for a better future we are voting for Joe Biden (president), Steve Bullock (U.S. Senate), Kathleen Williams (U.S. House), Mike Cooney  (governor), and local Democratic candidates.
Bruce Gourley

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 7/23/20

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