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Cooney’s commitment better than wealth


A recent letter argued that having made a lot of money qualifies Gianforte to be governor, but that Mike Cooney’s career of service on behalf of Montanans does not. Which is the greater proof of a person’s commitment to Montanans? Gianforte has used a lot of his wealth to promote organizations and politicians that demean the role of women, discriminate against people whose sexual orientation differs from his own, oppose protection of our public lands, want to abolish health care laws that benefit hundreds of thousands of Montanans and work to undermine our public education system. Gianforte’s may have wealth but the way he’s used it disqualifies him to be governor.
Conversely, throughout his career, Mike Cooney’s has been clear and consistent in defending and promoting the policies that benefit Montanans. Be it public lands, public education, fair treatment of women or accessible and affordable healthcare Cooney has worked for solutions that help Montanans. He’ll continue to do so as our governor.
In these troubled times when people are looking for consistency, commonsense and decency, wealth isn’t a qualification. I’ll stick with Mike Cooney, a man whose career proves his commitment to
Swep Davis

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 7/24/20

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