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Daines awfully quiet recently about China ties


It seems that Sen. Steve Daines has gotten much quieter about his ties to China recently. It’s not hard to see this for what it is — another election year flip-flop from a senator getting quite good at flipping and flopping.
Daines can try to scrub away his record of cozying up to China, but we won’t forget it this November. Here are the facts: Daines lived in China for six years helping a big corporation set up plants. He made five taxpayer-funded trips to China during his time in office and said our relationship with China is America’s “most important.” And his praise has been reciprocated, with the Chinese ambassador to the U.S. calling Sen. Daines “China’s ambassador in Congress.”
Now that Daines finds these facts politically inconvenient, he’s quickly shifted to railing against “Chinese communist dictators” and referring to the coronavirus as the “China virus” in an attempt to paint over his record. His messages represent classic fearmongering, us versus them.
Montanans need a senator who cares more about integrity and constituents rather than shifting blame to foreign powers for political purposes. It’s clear that we can’t count on Sen. Daines to put Montana first.
Mary Carlson

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 7/21/20

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