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Woods the right person to fill commission vacancy


Please support Tom Woods for the vacant seat on the Bozeman City Commission. Tom has demonstrated hard work and respect for all people as his personal ethics. He is knowledgeable, yet also eager to learn, to listen, and to grow. He understands the significance of planning and budgets and the need to move step by step, and occasionally by leaps and bounds, forward. In particular, he
understands how budgets impact working people, retirees, and students, as well as the moneyed interests of the community. He knows that we need car mechanics more often than we need another MacMansion or MacChainstore.
He understands the importance of a healthy environment for the health of both individuals and the local economy. Having represented Bozeman through four terms in the state Legislature, he would bring a history of public service, rather than self-interest, to the commission.
I support Tom, and I hope you will too. Please do. I am asking you directly: Please Support Tom Woods for city commissioner.
Anne Millbrooke

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 3/30/21

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