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Montanans shouldn’t make same mistake twice – Wolf trapping

I remember when Montanans were leery, even hostile, about bad-tempered pushy city slickers like Greg Gianforte. Instead, he was elected governor. Now, due to his own ignorance of Montana rules, his lust for making wild animals suffer and die has been exposed for all to see.
The governor “harvested” a wolf who never did a thing to him or any other human by first trapping its paw, or perhaps its tongue, in a steel trap, causing it to writhe and flail for hours in pain and pure terror, and then coldly killing it. What kind of a man, or Christian for that matter, does this for sport and pleasure?
Please, Montanans, don’t make the same mistake twice. Make this outsider a one-termer. In the meantime, I suggest the governor might want to find a more sporting sport.
Robin Heyer

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 3/30/21

Montanans need Gov. Gianforte to be better
Mr. Gianforte, Killing a wolf, breaking the law. It makes us so sad that we have to call you our governor. We wonder, honestly, what you were thinking. We worry that you don’t think, but act from a place of entitlement and don’t even realize how outrageous your behavior is to most Montanans (indeed to most Americans and beyond). We need someone leading us who is honorable. We need someone who cares about the environment, who cares about climate change. We need someone who cares about and listens to real people, everyone across the political and social and cultural spectrum, not just the rich and powerful and single minded.
But first — is it seriously so much to ask? — We need you to stop embarrassing us by body slamming news people and killing wolves and breaking laws. Montanans need you to be better, Mr.
Gianforte. We deserve better.
Scott Bischke

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 4/1/21

Governor is being given a pass for wolf killing
Gianforte is, apparently, being given a pass by his bureaucratic counterpart for murdering a Yellowstone wolf. This is also the same person who pushed a reporter for asking honest questions, and the same person who illegally shot an elk. Now that Montana is dominated by out of control Republicans, we ought to be more concerned than ever that our state’s wildlife will be systematically
Check the genocide statistics for federal wildlife services in Montana, and its state henchmen. Talk to ranchers whose industry is slowly dying. Talk to out-of-town trophy addicts. Then talk to the NRA. If you are a large land mammal your kind is doomed by a species who has doomed itself. To anyone who wishes a polemic, feel free to find me.
Kevin Boileau, PhD

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 4/2/21

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