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Wilderness bill offers a holistic approach to nature


Thank gosh the Montana Legislature clown show has finally come to a close. If you are a bear or a wolf or a bison in Montana, life has gotten harder as you face humans determined to kill you or
block your recovery with traps, guns, snares, laws and hate.
Spring means renewal, so how about we renew our commitment to Montana wildlife by protecting as much of their habitat as possible. Wilderness designation, probably the most effective designation for wildlife protection, means wildlife get somewhat of a break from people. Only 2.7% of Montana is designated wilderness. Not near enough.
President Biden wants to protect 30% of US lands and waters by 2030. Montana could contribute greatly to that goal if Congress passed the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act.
The visionary NREPA, reintroduced to Congress March 10, would designate 23 million acres of wilderness across 5 states, including our own Gallatin Range and Bridger Range here in Bozeman’s big back yard. These unprotected wildlands are crucial habitat for many species including bighorn sheep and wolverine.
The Montana Legislature has shown what a narrow-minded view of wildlife looks like. NREPA shows what a holistic approach to nature could look like. Please support NREPA and give wildlife some respite from human interference.
Phil Knight

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 5/6/21

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