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Guns in classrooms not what a university is about

Guns in classrooms not what a university is about
Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a major ‘constitutional carry’ bill that will let Montanans carry concealed firearms in public settings including banks and bars without a permit. In addition the bill limits university system officials’ ability to restrict firearm possession on college campuses.
Ironically, after Gianforte assaulted a reporter in 2017, Gallatin County Justice Court Judge Rick West ordered Gianforte to complete 20 hours of anger management counseling and 40 hours of community service. This had to be completed by Nov. 28 of that year. Gianforte was given a deferred six-month jail sentence, meaning if he does not violate the conditions of his sentence the charge could be dismissed. Gianforte was also fined $385 and paid $4,646 in restitution.
I find the juxtaposition of the above two paragraphs to be both amusing and alarming. I am a lifelong educator and find the idea of guns in the classroom to be not only abhorrent but completely anomalous to what a university is all about. I know of educators who say they will leave the profession if this comes to pass. Perhaps it’s time to get back to having native born Montanans serve as governor.
Kenneth Danhof

Chronicle’s concealed carry editorial missed the mark
Reply to the Bozo Daily Chronicle Editors and their “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” editorial on the concealed carry law that comes into effect June 1. You claim a huge change will happen.
No it won’t. This article is nothing but fear-mongering at its worst. But considering the political make-up of the editors, it comes as no surprise. The vast amount of students won’t even bother carrying a weapon. They have more pressing things on their minds like classes, finals, relationships, etc. When I attended MSU, early 1980s, you would see some students and visitors from the ranch open carry and nobody even batted an eyelash! There were no shootings. Twisting the new laws “possible” not “probable” scenarios of mass suicide attempts because of the new change of law is laughable! If someone wants to commit suicide, they do not need a firearm to do it. I have personal experience with that, unfortunately.
Too bad the new changes to existing law do not fit into your political agendas. This is Montana, not California North, so don’t try to change it into it! If you are collectively so afraid of what you
consider ignorant, stupid and dangerous students at MSU and UM who can’t make good judgment calls, then it’s time to take your liberal fear-mongering somewhere else, somewhere more safe, like California, Washington or Oregon.
You call yourselves journalists. Aren’t you supposed to report the news and issues in an unbiased manner? Apparently not, as the BDC has become nothing more than one-sided publication of
imported liberalism, crybabyism and a mouthpiece for the Entitled Generations.
CW Stoddard

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editorial 5/6/21

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