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We need PSC commissioner, not rubber-stamp for NWE

The price of clean energy has fallen below the price of fossil fuels, while also being cleaner and safer. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But you don’t get any say in what type of energy you get or how much
you pay. NorthWestern Energy makes that choice for you, and they’ve decided that what’s right for them is selling you coal-fired electricity that’s highly polluting and the most expensive. You don’t
like that? Too bad. NWE is a monopoly; they make more profits by selling coal. You get what they give you, and you pay every penny they ask for it. Frustrating, right?
But we have one choice we can make. We can elect a Public Service Commissioner who won’t just rubber stamp NWE. And that’s Tom Woods. The PSC is the most important race you’ve never
heard of, because it encompasses our desire for a clean Montana, reasonable energy prices, and job growth in the only part of the energy industry that’s growing: clean energy. Tom has a solid track record of looking out for consumers. Join me in voting for Tom so we can bring accountability to the PSC. They should work for us, not a corporate monopoly.
Karin Kirk

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 10/25/20

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