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Brosten will bring refreshing voice to Helena

Emily Brosten is a fifth generation Montanan running for House District 68. She is a refreshing voice in these times of political divisiveness. Emily is running for office because she believes that a public servant should represent the will of the people rather than the desire of the political party.
As a supporter of the Second Amendment, Emily will stand with hunters, anglers, and gun owners and support continued access to public lands and protect those public lands from privatization. She has a background in agriculture and strong family ties to veterans and law enforcement officials and will continue to support agriculture, veterans and law enforcement programs. She advocates for an economy that funds public services, fosters a strong, educated workforce, and provides access to affordable, reliable healthcare for all. Emily will be an open and approachable representative who will consider all sides of an issue before casting a vote. During these hyper-partisan times it is important that we elect leaders who will work hard to secure a strong, resilient,
and sustainable future for all Montanans.
When elected, Emily Brosten will represent her constituents as a problem solver and commonsense voice for the citizens of House District 68.
Don Seifert

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 10/25/20

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