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Don’t be hoodwinked by Daines’ catchy slogan, ads

Sen. Daines’s slogan “More Jobs, Less Government” and ads touting the evils of “socialism” are misleading.
I’m no socialist; I’m a realist. In reality, we currently have “corporate socialism” in America – a situation where private companies rely on government as a revenue source to make a profit, e.g. farm subsidies; oil depletion allowances; below-market leases; government contracts for highway construction/maintenance; for architects, engineers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, building material suppliers who build our schools, university buildings, sewer treatment plants, public transportation and airports; government contracts for fleet vehicle purchases/leases; computer equipment; monies to build border walls and run refugee camps; government contracts for our health care system, private research and building ships, planes, and weapons.
Many of Sen. Daines’s constituents rely on government payments to pay their employees and increase their bottom line. Because so many private jobs are linked to receiving government monies,
the slogan “More Jobs, Less Government” is simply wrong given the economic relationships between the private sector and government. Government spending means more private jobs. “Corporate socialism” thrives in America. It has provided so many of us with a good living. Think before buying into the senator’s catchy little slogan.
Kent M. Kasting

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 10/13/20

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