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Moderation won’t curtail incoming state government

It began with the Y2K conspiracies. Followed by 9/11. The longest war. Tea Party righteousness. A half-white president. A delusional president. A plague. Then the Montana Republican party’s
win-at-any-cost surrender to wealthy out-of-state candidates buying personal legacies. The fact is: Our state government is about to be run by a decidedly bent-to-the-right pack of contrarians
intent on redefining and limiting government’s relationship with its citizens. Such as:
1) The Chronicle, somewhat awkwardly at first, will feature a Zygote Column announcing successful conceptions (sheepish or proud smiles welcomed); Hallmark baby cards will be redundant. And as you may recall: Republicans don’t believe villages-raise-children; once born, you’re on your own baby!
2) Montana’s K-12 public education system will not only face lower tax revenues, but see an unwarranted, unlawful percentage of property taxes diverted to private, i.e., religious schools. Obviously, Montana Republicans think separation of church and state is just an intellectual, elitist trick.
3) Look for most bills in the 2021 legislative session to be pre-written by the chamber of commerce; like wolves, gotta eliminate those regulations that supposedly protect workers and the public.
Remember: the Republican personal responsibility mantra exempts corporations and small businesses: You’re lucky to have a job in the first place, what more do you want?
4) Forget living wages. Unlike money, Republicans don’t think of your labor as an investment because it doesn’t provide a monetary return per se, you know, like derivatives. Anyway, collective bargaining is a kind of socialism, right?
5) Watch your workplace health insurance premiums rise so you can continue to subsidize the low-income, lined up in the ER. Don’t forget: employer-provided health care is one of capitalism’s most impeccable gifts—to the health insurance industry that is. You? Meh. . . . . an endless list, nothing in moderation.
Ron Pulcini

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 11/28/20

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