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Daines’ fear mongering won’t solve bigger issues

I received the following statements in an email from Sen. Daines campaign. “BREAKING: Montana family has Trump 2020 (flag) burned while children are asleep. “The liberal mob isn’t just inciting violence and riots in cities across America – it’s happening right here in Montana.”
Although I agree that it is a criminal act to take something belonging to another and destroying it, this act hardly put the family in danger. It was not a “mob” but an individual who took the flag away from the house before lighting it on fire. I ask where is the outrage for the 29-year-old man shot in the back by the police seven times in front of his children? This is why Black Lives Matter
and why people are demanding change.
Mr. Daines, you are more concerned with the destruction of a fabric flag than the life of a black man and his children.
I will be voting for someone who cares more about humanity than material objects. Someone who is not interested in fear mongering but rather ready to listen to those who are in anguish and willing to make a change for the better.
Roll up your sleeves Steve Bullock. We have work to do!
Katherine Ball

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 9/11/20

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