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Cooney and Graybill

Gianforte’s assault shows he is not right for Helena
It would seem if you are thinking of voting for Gianforte for governor, you should consider his assault on a reporter and his trying to remove a public access because it was close to his house. The confrontation with the reporter was on his property and there were many options other than assault. He could have answered the questions, something candidates do. He could have told the
reporter he was trespassing and that he would call law enforcement if he did not leave.
To have resorted to violence seems a very poor first choice and one not seeming to be good for the person to be our next governor.
John F. Maloney

Cooney and Graybill will represent all Montanans
In case Montana Voters don’t recall the body slam violence used by Republican candidate Greg Gianforte against a Guardian reporter covering the 2017 congressional election, it’s now extremely
disturbing that Republican candidates for governor Gianforte and attorney general Knutson also demonstrate more toxic masculinity which negatively impacts women’s and girls safety.
Their campaign advertising prominently showcases gun rights endorsements from organizations actively working to prevent legislation to end violence against women (VAWA). All to distract from Trump’s leadership when our neighbors are dying from the COVID-19 Pandemic and are desperate for economic relief from the recession.
Montanans can and must do better by electing Democrat candidates Mike Cooney for Governor and Raph Graybill for attorney general! That’s why the Montana Chapter of the National Organization for Women endorses Cooney and Graybill, women’s rights champions, who each have contributed a lifetime of effective public service, advocacy and leadership with specific plans to address Montana NOW’s priority issues to end violence against women, advance reproductive rights, affordable health care, racial equity, economic security, LGBTQIA+ rights and constitutional equality as indivisible human rights for all.
Vote for Mike Cooney and Raph Graybill to represent all Montanans!
Jan Strout

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 10/25/20

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