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Billings Gazette – “Guest opinion: Montana Supreme Court clerk’s office isn’t a political plum”

Please read the Billings Gazette guest opinion article by retired Montana Supreme Court Associate Justice Patricia Cotter on why she supports Rex Renk for Clerk of the Supreme Court.

This November, voters will elect a new clerk of the Montana Supreme Court, as veteran Clerk of Court Ed Smith is retiring. On the ballot for the position will be Democrat Rex Renk, deputy clerk of court for the last 23 years, Bowen Greenwood, former executive director of the Montana Republican Party and communications director of the Family Foundation, and Roger Roots.

I spent 16 years as a justice on the Montana Supreme Court before retiring in 2016. I know firsthand how smoothly and evenhandedly the clerk’s office functioned during my tenure and that of Renk. If Greenwood gets his wish, the clerk’s office will become a political pawn working not for the courts and the public at large but for the partisan interests of his party. We must not let this happen.

Read the full article at Guest opinion: Montana Supreme Court clerk’s office isn’t a political plum (September 13, 2018) on the Billings Gazette website.

Learn more about Rex Renk here or visit his campaign website Rex for Montana.

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