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Woods will shift PSC’s loyalty away from industry

The Public Service Commissioner (PSC) race is often overlooked. That’s unfortunate, because this agency has a huge effect on our pocketbooks and an even larger effect on our energy future. I’m disappointed by our current commissioners. High profile fights and not showing up for work are just one big distraction from the bigger problem: Our utility bills are much higher than they should be, and even worse, the new 20-year energy plan proposed by NorthWestern Energy and under review by the PSC has zero renewable energy projects. None.
This doesn’t make sense until you see that the company is looking out for its own bottom line rather than Montanans!
Instead of advocating for us, our PSC consistently gives the company whatever it wants. That’s certainly not what I elected them to do. And the Montana Supreme Court agrees, ruling that the PSC was illegally holding up renewable energy production for Montana.
You can help by supporting Rep. Tom Woods for the PSC. As a legislator, Tom consistently proved that he will call out the special interests and stick up for us working Montanans. He will shift the
PSC’s loyalty away from industry interests and back toward the people who pay the utility bills.
Pete Coppolillo

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 9/16/20

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