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Williams, not Rosendale, will best serve ag industry

Kathleen Williams has a long record of partnering with and delivering results to Montana farmers and ranchers. In the Legislature she promoted “buy local” programs so Montana producers could sell more product directly to Montanans. She worked to limit anti-competitive practices of national meat packers whose monopoly status denied Montanans a fair price for their cattle.
Unfortunately, her opponent, Matt Rosendale, has only impersonated being a rancher when in fact he has no experience in ranching or farming and has no true understanding of the challenges facing those industries. In his 2018 race against Sen. Tester he repeatedly claimed to be a rancher but never could explain why he’s never owned any cattle! His true calling is as a wealthy east coast real estate developer.
My point is that Williams doesn’t just talk about the importance of Montana agriculture, she’s actually done the work and made a difference. Her record shows her understanding and commitment to Montanan’s agricultural economy. She will continue with this work and serve Montana’s ranchers and farmers well in Congress. Kathleen Williams is by far the best choice for Congress.
Swep Davis

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 9/3/20

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