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What’s the lesson of the second impeachment trial?

Local MTN television news interviewed Sens. Tester and Daines on Trump Impeachment 2. Tester stated that he needed to hear the information presented. Daines frankly stated that he’d exercise prejudice, and not vote to impeach. I hope I never have Daines or anyone as a juror who unabashedly states prejudice should I demand a jury trial. Daines marches in lockstep with many other senators. Most everyone worldwide has seen with their own eyes Jan. 6 events. Why are only 11 million Americans viewing the proceedings (3% of the US population)? It’s a done deal. 150 million tuned in to watch the Verdict of The OJ Simpson Murder Trial — 50% of Americans.
I’m watching the trial. Anyone with any objectivity is profoundly shaken. President Trump, while in office, attempted a violent coup to retain power. Trump chose actions, and must pay the
consequence of those choices. Trump should be impeached and precluded from future positions in government. 85% of constitutional law experts feel that impeachment is constitutional —
only 15% do not.
Daines does not represent me. I help sign his $174K annual paycheck, plus the plushest benefit package known. Galling waste. Daines sent a fundraising plea after the election, stating the election was fraudulent. Daines appears to have a fealty to an individual, secondarily a party, and apparently no allegiance to our Constitution and nation-state.
Daines ushers our Republic to precipitous decline — a Failing State.
It appears it will be — by precedent embraced by many in the US Senate — perfectly acceptable to violently overturn legitimate audited elections — in America — hence anywhere in the world. What is the lesson for American citizens, youth, and those throughout the world?
Jeff Ball

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 2/20/21

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