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Trump’s actions require country to find its decency

In 1954, at the Army McCarthy Hearings, Sen. Joseph Welch asked Sen. McCarthy (he who was known for his fictitious claims that communists had infiltrated the government), “Have you no sense of decency?” We need a Sen. Welch now. From the president on down, including Sen. Daines, the Republicans have been claiming that the election has been rigged, that there should be statewide recounts; some officials have refused to certify the results of the elections, and the president has refused to create transition teams— along with himself—to usher in the new administration, even though the security of our country is involved.
It is here that the decency enters. This is the second time in our history— secession and “Bush vs. Gore”—that the legitimacy of election results have been questioned. There is no doubt that Biden
won the election, fair and square. No evidence has been produced to argue otherwise.
So here we are in the midst of a pandemic, with an inactive Trump coronavirus team, and Trump himself failing to facilitate action in confronting our danger, even with the number of coronavirus cases skyrocketing. Trump’s inaction, false claims of a rigged election, and his hiding out while being silent about a proper transition are consistent with his denial of facts and overblown claims throughout his presidency.
The people have spoken and Biden is the duly elected next president. And don’t be fooled by those “Sen. McCarthy” statements that Biden is ushering in a crooked, socialistic and communistic administration. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Throughout his whole political life, Biden has shown himself to be a centrist, one who is willing to listen to all sides of the political
spectrum and act accordingly. He has the country’s best interests in mind, not his own, unlike Trump.
Jack Kligerman

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 11/20/20

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