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Trump, Daines, Rosendale, Gianforte lacked courage to do right thing

Our leaders lacked the courage to do right thing
Few things in life are totally predicable. One exception, however, was the ability to predict that after of years of coddling, praising, and enabling President Trump, that Steve Daines, Matt Rosendale, and Greg Gianforte would wring their hands and “decry the violence” that occurred at our National Capitol. These three men chose to turn a blind eye and a deft ear to Trump’s self-delusional behavior, his threatening comments, his promotion of dangerous conspiracies and his never ending lies in order to gain personal political favor and now, they “decry the violence”.
More specifically. Gov. Gianforte as one of his last acts as a Congressman (and as our Governor Elect) took it upon himself to sign on to the baseless lawsuit against other states and their election outcomes.
Congressman Rosendale in one his first acts was to vote to reject the legitimate Electoral College outcome from other states in order to keep Trump in office even though he lost by more than
7,000,000 votes.
As for Sen. Daines, he was so proud to be one of the first 10 senators to announce that he would also challenge the election outcome from other states. He got his picture in national broadcasts and even a shoutout from President Trump shortly before the assault on the Capitol began. But then, after hiding out somewhere in the Capitol building as his fellow Trump supporters desecrated the building, causing death and injuries, he decided it “was best for our nation to move forward with unity and affirm the results”. This was a sad episode for our nation.
True leadership requires having the courage to do the right thing even if means losing your job. Our Montana leaders failed this basic requirement. They cannot erase this stain with their words. It
is too late.
Steven Enoch
Daines an inconsequential member of the Senate
I have noticed in reports regarding the seditious senatorial group attempting to invalidate President Biden’s election that they are identified in one of three ways: Hawley, Cruz, Johnson and their friends; Hawley, Cruz, Johnson and the others; Hawley, Cruz, Johnson and their ilk. Steve Daines is never mentioned by name. This establishes two truths: First, Steve Daines is so inconsequential that there’s no point in identifying him as an individual. And, indeed, if one looks at his legislative record of his first six years, one sees that Steve, like the Peter Sellars character in Being There, ‘wants to watch.’ Does he effectively accomplish anything? No. Expect more of the same for the next six years.
Second, Steve Daines is cynical. He can be involved in this Hawley/Cruz/Johnson stunt but remain only as another, a friend, or an ilk. There are consequences to his cynicism. As a ‘friend,’ he will garner favor with the Trump supporters of the state, perhaps allowing him to pretend in perpetuity to be a senator. As an ‘other,’ he will gain no notice from anyone—i.e., fill a seat, fly to Montana but never meet with his constituents so that we say, “Oh, yeah, I saw Jon Tester in town yesterday!
Did you read about the legislation Tester introduced? Oh, and who’s that other senator we have?”
But as an ‘ilk’, there may be unpleasantness ahead for him. He will be ridiculed and shamed and resisted because of his cynicism, and many of us Montanans will talk about the fines the Constitution outlines for those ilks who are seditious.
Glen Chamberlain
What were Trump voters voting for?
To all Trump voters: What exactly were you voting for, when casting your ballot in 2020 (and 2016), for this individual? What part of the Jan. 6 violence at the Capitol do you support, since it was incited by the very person you voted for? Did you not see this chaos and destruction coming during the past 4 years? Is this how you think a civilized country runs a democratic government? As a citizen of the US, is this the way you feel obligated to preserve and protect our democracy?
Sen. Daines and Rep. Rosendale, you are complete hypocrites. You had chosen to be part of the lawmakers planning to oppose the electoral count. News flash: this country had an election in
November and the People of the United States have spoken by voting: Biden won, Trump lost — accept this.
Every single court dismissed the claims of voter fraud in this election. Nothing could have changed that outcome on Jan. 6, so what was your purpose to oppose the electoral vote count? You blatantly chose to ignore and reject your responsibility to the Constitution, and of the states to approve the rules of voting. Your resignations should be demanded, as you do not uphold
Montana values for serving in office.
Hey Trump — the only “steal” that went on in this election, is your stealing the integrity of this United States, by your connection to your own fantasy of your inflated self-worth and importance. You are nothing but a self-centered, narcissistic infant, who lacked maturity, responsibility, and dedication to the job you were elected to do. Shame on you, and every single Republican who fell for your fantasies, lies, and non-reality for the past 4 years.
Connie LeHocky
Hold Daines, Rosendale accountable at ballot box
I want to thank the Bozeman Daily Chronicle’s Editorial board. Thank you for stepping forward and having the courage to call for accountability of Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Matt Rosendale’s
irresponsible behavior in Washington D.C. in challenging the Electoral College’s certification on Wednesday.
Yes they are complicit, however we should not wait for those two men “to do the right thing”. They have shown that will not. We need leaders not followers, and they have shown that they will follow the will of a seditious President for political points for future gain. They should be recalled from office, but that is not possible under the Constitution.
Article 1 Section 5 states “Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.” Both Daines and Rosendale are likely safe from expulsion.
It is up to us to remember their actions and never vote for these two to represent Montana in the future. As Trump said, “Remember this day forever” and let your votes show it.
Bradshaw Sumners
Daines, Rosendale a disgrace to Montana
For Steve Daines to claim, and take, no responsibility for the insurrection in Washington on Wednesday is beyond the pale. He is directly responsible. He went all in with his political fortunes and lost. He, with no proof and a plethora of legal challenges over ruled, challenged the very foundations of our Democracy. He has disgraced our country, our Constitution and the state of Montana. Only after seeing his political future in grave jeopardy did he attempt to change course.
The damage was already done. We have endured 4 years of lies, and unconstitutional behavior by this administration and Daines was one of its biggest cheerleaders. He needs to resign from the
Senate immediately.
His political career is over. He will be even more ineffectual in Washington now then he was for the last 6 years.
This administration started with the embarrassment of Ryan Zinke and ends with the even greater damage by Steve Daines and Matt Rosendale. The state of Montana is better than these individuals.
Maybe Steve and Matt can hop on Zinke’s horse and take the ride of shame out of Washington.
The actions on Wednesday will be Daines and Rosendales political legacy.
They are truly a disgrace to the Great State of Montana.
Brian Kenney

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 1/14/21

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