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The Presidential handoff from Trump


The Blue Wave book club read “The Fifth Risk” by Michael Lewis last year detailing the presidential handoff from Obama to Trump.  This article in the Atlantic discusses the damage Trump could do to the office of the Presidency before he leaves if he does lose the election.

It’s a must read even though long.  I am available to discuss, if anyone has the curiosity to understand the depth of destruction he can do and what it means to our government’s ability to function.

Biden was first elected to the Senate in 1972 after the pain that was the 1960s, but the Congress was still a constitutionally functioning institution.  He understands how the institution used to work when it was functioning as a deliberative body legislating the fiscal process before Reaganomics was introduced.  There is hope, but we have to survive an election and transition before any rebuilding can begin.

Duane Catlett, Bozeman, Gallatin County Democrat Email 8/13/20

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