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States With the Most Hate Groups per Capita – Montana is #1

1. Montana
> Hate groups in 2019: 5.61 per million people (total: 6)
> Hate groups in 2010: 13.12 per million people — 2nd highest (total: 13)
> Pct. pop. identifying as white: 88.0% — 8th highest
> Pct. pop. foreign born: 2.3% — 3rd lowest
> Median household income: $57,153 — 11th lowest

Though Montana has relatively few hate groups active in the state, due to its small population — just over a million people — the state tops the list of states with most hate groups per capita. Montana ranked second in 2010. Four of the six hate groups in the state in 2019 hold white supremacist ideology.

The state is among the least racially diverse in the U.S. Just 0.7% of residents identify as Black, the second lowest share in the U.S., tied with Idaho, and 88.0% of state residents identify as white, a far higher share than the 72.0% of Americans who do.

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