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Romano best candidate to lead Montana’s schools
I was a public school teacher for 35 years in Minnesota. Retired, I have lived in Montana for six months a year for the last 11 years. I am supporting Melissa Romano for superintendent of Montana’s Office of Public Instruction because I believe she is the best candidate who will protect and promote quality public education for all students.
She is a strong advocate for early education. Research shows when we invest in early learners with public preschool, those students do much better in elementary and high school. The end result is a strong economy.
Romano was an educator for 15 years and she served a three year term as president of the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Romano was a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s “Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, and the 2018 Montana Teacher of the Year.
Romano is endorsed by the Montana Sportsmen Alliance and the Montana Conservation Voters and other important organizations. As a member of the Land Board, she will fight to protect your rights to hunt, fish, and recreate on Montana’s public lands and waters. Vote for the best candidate for superintendent of public instruction: Melissa Romano.
Elizabeth McCambridge
Absentee voting is simply the smarter way to vote
I love absentee voting because I can take the time to pore over the voter information packet to make informed decisions on issues and candidates rather than deciding on the spur of the moment in the voting booth. I may have made my mind up on issues and candidates that are high in profile, but I’d like to make good decisions on all matters that come before me as a voter – state, county, and city office holders have important responsibilities too, and some of the referenda and initiatives may have far-reaching consequences that aren’t spelled out.
I may need to study up a little before I have the confidence to decide. Voting has become an increasingly challenging task and yet nothing we do as citizens is more important. Absentee voting is simply the smarter way to vote. I urge you to sign up to vote absentee today so you too can vote with the confidence that comes from knowing who and what you’re voting on!
Joan Rostad
Campbell will work for sensible solutions in Helena
The legislative seat for house District 67 around Belgrade is open, and Colette Campbell offers a golden opportunity to elect a commonsense, tough minded and committed representative. Her family history in the Belgrade area, her longtime commitment to Belgrade’s school system and to its small businesses make her the perfect choice in these challenging times.
Campbell knows the people of this district treasure their public schools, worry about being able to earn a living wage, need accessible and affordable health insurance and don’t like the way large agricultural conglomerates hurt Montana’s farm families. Anyone who knows Colette knows she is tough and a fighter who won’t be afraid to stand up to special interest in Helena and will always fight for what is best for the people of HD67.
Campbell also has been a hunter since age 13 and is a proud member of the Montana Wildlife Federation. So she knows how special Montana’s public lands are and will work to protect them and our access to them. HD67 needs a representative who understands its voters, who will listen to their concerns and work hard to find sensible solutions in Helena.
HD67 needs Colette Campbell.
Susan Nichols-Roughton

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 7/31/20

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