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Gianforte, Daines fail to hold Trump accountable
The great American experiment of democracy may be on its last legs as Trump threatens to destroy 200+ years of hard work and efforts to create a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Due to Trump’s rhetoric, actions, lies and bullying, the country may be more divided now than since the Civil War. Instead of working to bring us together to solve problems, he encourages us to choose sides and to not cooperate with those who do not follow his mantra.
Great leaders lead by example. What example has he set for Americans other than to encourage divisiveness, hate, anger and racism? He has lost the respect of valued allies across the globe as he
tries to isolate the U.S. from the rest of the world. We are no longer the leader of the “free world.” Most importantly, we have lost sight of the principles this once great country was founded on. We are in the throes of a dictatorship.
I cannot support Daines or Gianforte due to their failure to hold Trump accountable and instead have become Trump robots. Evidently, they support a Trump dictatorship and destruction of our democracy.
Vito Quatraro
Romano will restore state’s commitment to education
Montanans value their public education system and don’t like when politicians take public money to pay for private school tuitions most of us can’t afford. Superintendent of Education Elsie
Arntzen’s support of the recent Supreme Court decision and other measures strengthen the privatization of education in Montana at our expense.
Montana’s public education system gives children an equitable chance for a great education. To keep it that way we need a superintendent of education who will ensure that our taxes are focused
on our public schools, which, in turn, benefits all Montanans. That person is Melissa Romano.
Elected Montana Teacher of the Year in 2018, Romano’s extensive experience in the classroom means she knows the value of public education. She wants to keep our schools strong and make them even better by developing a preschool option which benefits children and their working parents. She’ll fight to keep our children safe as long as the COVID virus is a threat.
We need Romano because she believes in public schools. For the sake of our children and parents working hard to combat COVID-19 in and out of the classroom we should support Romanoand ensure her election in November.
Peter Schweppe
Recent praise for Daines’ conservation record a joke
A July 23 letter praised Daines for his leadership on conservation and for passageof the bill providing full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The absurdity of this boggles the mind. From his first day in Congress, Daines has been an obstacle to any progress related to conservation, including funding of the LWCF. Now, he wants to get credit for its passage.
The real reason Daines supported the bill is because he’s in the fight for his political life against Gov. Bullock, a true supporter of our public lands. Daines pleaded with McConnell to allow this bill
to go forward so he could take credit for it.
Daines has one of the worst voting records in Congress when it comes to our public lands. He never leads, but instead always follows and then follows only when he has no choice. Multiple times in the past he has stood in the way of funding for LWCF.
Now the nomination for William Pendley to head the BLM is nearing a vote. Pendley is an outspoken advocate for selling off public lands. This is Daines’ chance to show true commitment to public
lands, but I doubt we can count on him.
Mary Harter

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 7/30/20

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