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Pope has experience, is compassionate leader

Pope has experience, attitude to best serve SD31
When I think of Chris Pope, I think of a hard-working, smart businessman that is kind and will work tirelessly on cost effective solutions to our most pressing issues. In the last session, he voted for Medicaid expansion and extension, which has benefitted thousands of Montanans and helped to keep rural hospitals open. His experience as a business and civic leader, and two-term House representative makes him well qualified while his cooperative attitude will ensure his ability to get work done in the Senate.
Join me in voting for Chris Pope for Senate District 31.
Katie Bark

Pope a compassionate leader, will serve state well
I am writing to voice my support for electing Rep. Chris Pope to the Montana Senate. As a leader in the restoration of Bozeman’s city center, Chris showed extraordinary compassion, generosity and support in the aftermath of the explosion that rocked our downtown, earning him the “Life is Downtown” Life Achievement award.
We Bozemanites came together during that tragedy, just as we are coming together around the devastating Bridger Foothills fire. As a state legislator, Chris supported a bill to improve health care protection for firefighters, to address an alarming increase in uninsured health incidents due to firefighters being exposed to toxins.
In these most trying of times, we need conscientious, compassionate and creative leaders. Chris Pope gets my vote.
Deb Love

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 9/16/20

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