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Legislature enamored with out-of-date beliefs


Rep. Larry Brewster, of Billings, certainly is not out of step with the 67th Montana legislature. The political atmosphere in Helena seems to be “Trump Light,” or maybe not so light. One can only wonder why a representative would put forward a bill so out of touch with the current science of global warming. It’s also possible he is in denial about the efficacy of vaccines in combating COVID-19, let alone the personal freedoms denied by mask mandates.
Not only are many of our legislators in some sort of doltish aversion to current science, but they are also enamored of outdated legislative ideas, as in generous tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations resulting in a surge in revenue. The belief follows that the tax break will be more than matched by the economic surge. Although often tried at the behest of their tax break beneficiaries (read Donors), the end result has never beneficially proven out.
That the majority of the Montana Legislature seem to be enamored with these out of date and generally disproven beliefs is insurance that the fecal follies will continue in Helena until such time that the voters select a different group of representatives, hopefully concerned with the real problems in Montana’s future.
Tim Crawford

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 3/2/21

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