In the People's Interest

In the words of Jennifer Blossom, candidate for Gallatin County Treasurer

It’s imperative for people to understand what’s on the line here….our elections and the safeguarding of our money.

Neither Eric Semerad’s or Erin Cox’s opponents have the education, experience or qualifications to do these jobs.

Eric’s opponent, Metzger, has defaulted on property and employee taxes and in the last year has asked for and received from the County Commission a $90,000 loan for a fiber optics business, voted a 5% salary increase for County elected officials while on the County’s salary compensation board (after he filed for office and would benefit from it), has lied about his experience and having the endorsement of Charlotte Mills, initially posted that the office he would be charged with is in control of marriage licenses (nope), and is now looking for a County job. How much is he willing to take from the Gallatin County taxpayers? Integrity matters!

Erin’s opponent has never even darkened my Office’s (Auditor) doorstep. He has a political science degree and is looking for a foot in the door to the political arena (someone should tell him that’s not how this works). His recent explanation came straight out of Montana State Statute – which is a fraction of what we do…but he wouldn’t know that, would he?

These men are both banking on the fact that they are running as Republicans.

We’ve been knocking doors and have only been met by a few people (aligned on both sides) who said they will always choose party over qualified candidates. Fine. I respect your undying and blind commitment and you will “get what you pay for,” should you succeed in winning these elections. But, at what cost? At the cost of the sanctity of your elections? Are you willing to take your chances with an inexperience Auditor over someone who has spent nearly two years fighting against the waste and abuse of your tax dollars?

And there’s me. An internal auditor that knows the ins and outs of this County’s financial system and knows where the failings are. Someone, after years of suggesting change that would benefit the taxpayers – only to be met with utter resistance, decided enough was enough and filed to unseat an incumbent who simply became to comfortable in her job.

PLEASE educated yourselves on your County races and vote for the people who will truly represent your best interest.

PLEASE talk to your friends and neighbors.

PLEASE write letters to the editor.

PLEASE get out and vote – BECAUSE YOUR VOTE MATTERS in state and local races – ask my friend and talented, experienced candidate who just lost a primary election by 6 votes – out of 10,000 cast.

You have candidates, willing to fight the good fight because we believe in serving the public – and we have all shown that we can…with integrity and concern for doing the right thing. Fight with us.

Mic drop.


Jennifer Blossom wrote this after reading the Letter to the Editor: Experienced candidates worthy of voters’ support (October 3, 2018).

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