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Graybill best choice for attorney general

When we vote for Montana’s next attorney general, we’re choosing our attorney, our chief legal officer, and defender of our remarkable constitution. It’s an important position that is responsible for upholding our rights to a clean and healthful environment, individual dignity, privacy, equitable public education, freedoms of religion, assembly, speech, press, and our right to know what all levels of government are up to.
Raph Graybill is the best choice to represent us and to advocate for Montana. As Gov. Bullock’s chief legal counsel, Raph has fought and won to protect our public lands. He has fought and won to keep dark corporate money out of our elections. He cares about reducing prescription drug costs and ensuring that all Montanans have good, affordable health care. He believes in our public schools and in making sure all our kids have a quality education.
As attorney general, he’ll hold a seat on the State Land Board and regardless of who sits in the governor’s seat or controls the legislature, as Montana’s top lawyer, he will be our attorney, our
advocate and will protect and defend our constitution. Join me in supporting Raph Graybill for attorney general.
Caroline Byrd

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 8/12/20

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