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Gianforte and Trump

Gianforte putting party ahead of U.S. elections
I recently aired my concerns about Louis DeJoy’s mismanagement of the USPS to Rep. Gianforte. The representative’s response was inadequate. At one point in his letter, Gianforte stated “states are responsible for conducting elections. Congress does not have a direct role in administering elections.”
Gianforte seems to be saying that safeguarding voting by mail is none of the federal government’s business.
How can it be that Louis DeJoy can actively hamper the ability of each citizen’s right to vote, and representatives like Gianforte can take no action to stop it?
Apparently Gianforte has no interest in risking the ire of Donald Trump, even when it is his civic duty to do so.
I also expressed to Gianforte my concerns about a president who, in the last election, supported and solicited help from Russia. Even the Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee recently submitted a report stating that this was so.
How can Gianforte continue to support a president who practices such deception? Has he no concerns about similar meddling in the 2020 election?
Rep. Gianforte, I ask that you hold the integrity of our elections above your loyalty to party.
Tom Robison

Trump’s claim of rigged elections cause for concern
Rob Ash and Jeff Choate have been successful football coaches. Neither have said, “We’d be champions but we’re victims of incompetent referees.”
We don’t hear local candidates say, “If I lose the election, it’ll be because Gallatin County and Montana elections are corrupt.”
After the 2016 election, wherein our national leader lost the popular vote by 2.8 million, he appointed a committee to find voter fraud. They didn’t find any. Secretaries of the other 49 states have integrity, as do Charlotte Mills, Corey Stapleton and Rob Ash.
“Barack Obama was not born in the U.S.” was false, but his supporters liked the sound of it. They know that our elections have integrity, but they like hearing “If I lose it’s because I was cheated.”
We have low opinions of people who make lame excuses. That type of behavior would be unacceptable when coming from a football coach, county commissioner, or a seventh grader. From a national leader it appears to be acceptable. Can someone explain this?
Maybe you’ll like it when your kids adopt his victim mentality: “Poor me. I was cheated. I wanna do it over. Change the rules so I can win. So unfair.”
Fred Cornelious

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 9/4/20

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