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Popiel qualified, great pick to serve in Legislature

Brian Popiel Is a great choice for HD64. Voters in HD64, Four Corners to West Yellowstone, have an opportunity to send a representative to Helena who is steeped in the culture and concerns of
the district. That person is Brian Popiel.
Brian has worked professionally in the district for 25 years and has a deep understanding of their concerns and needs. We face difficult challenges and hardships, especially in this time of covid and the associated economic impacts. Brian will bring a pragmatic approach to problem solving that involves the ideas of all citizens regardless of their political associations.
Brian believes in giving people the tools they need to survive and thrive: public education, affordable housing, access to quality healthcare and access to public lands. Brian will fight for these things as the HD64 representative in the Legislature. I know Brian to be a thoughtful, ethical and compassionate person through his work both professionally and as a volunteer. He puts in the time and effort to understand the issues and do the work. It’s not often that voters have a chance to elect someone as qualified and committed as Brian Popiel. Please join me in supporting and electing him in November.
Penny Murray

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 9/8/20

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