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Fraud Hysteria

Daines’ comments further the voter fraud hysteria
Let’s use Steve Daines’ “thinking” (i.e., Trump’s “thinking”) reported in the Chronicle on Nov. 7, in which he accuses Democrats of voter fraud, and apply it to Montana.
Here it goes: Montana has not gone totally red before, and almost half of us are really disappointed by these results. So let’s claim voter fraud, perpetrated by the Republicans. Let’s pry those
cheats out of office by going to the state Supreme Court or even further and costing taxpayers millions of dollars in frivolous lawsuits.
Come on Steve; use your brain. And grow a spine. Praise the democracy that encourages citizens to vote and then respects the outcome of those votes.
Glen Chamberlain
Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 11/11/20

Daines should answer for endorsing phony rhetoric
The following is the full text of a letter (minus my mailing address) that I sent to Sen. Steve Daines. I encourage all Montanans to send a similar letter. I am writing today in regard to a text
message that your campaign sent out as reported in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle on Saturday, Nov. 7. The full text of the message stated, “Dems are stealing the election. Trump needs our support. Give $5 & help us fight back now!”
For a sitting United States senator to endorse this kind of assault on the most sacred and fundamental rights of our democracy is deeply disturbing. Please reply to my message with a detailed account of the evidence you used to form this opinion.
Roger Fischer
Trump’s claims, antics are both brazen, dangerous
The post-election antics by President Trump are beyond belief! In the early morning hours of Nov. 3, he brazenly claimed he was the winner of the election, days before many states had yet to
finish counting votes. At the same time he has continued to claim the election was “rigged” even though there has been any proof of that!
So what if, like the 2016 election he failed to win the popular vote, but actually wins the the 270 Electoral College votes (based on the popular votes in several “swing states” where he has boldly
filed numerous lawsuits claiming voter fraud?
Will he reverse his claim and claim, “I guess I was wrong about fraudulent voting” or can we count on a recount of every single vote and determine who the next president should be?
Lloyd Shanks

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 11/12/20

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