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Dems not ones embracing delusion and ignorance

Unlike the current administration, the Trump people (still around we hear) are indeed responsible for the four year “totalitarian nightmare” mentioned in a beyond belief recent letter. They are for sure those who recently embraced “the matrix of delusion and blissful ignorance.” Senate Majority Leader Schumer rightly said that President Biden “inherited a mess on the Mexican Border from former President Trump.” The four years of Trump’s presence — and of his Republican troops — bear indeed without doubt “the responsibility for the inhumane separation of migrant children from their parents.” The world saw it and knows it. And indeed “the border chaos” as left by Trump, is itself a crisis and most likely a long future catastrophe.
In addition, as for the “freedom loving independent minded people,” they are here now that Trump is gone. And as dozens of current newspapers now predict, in the light of piles of court cases
about to start, Trump may not only be gone, but may not be seen for many years.
One needs only to read any newspapers, finding many in New York and Washington, one big Georgian, to find the massive legal details of his likely trip away from home.
In response to the ludicrous recent assertion implying that “Democrats are achieving their totalitarian nightmare” the first and most obvious is of course the reversal of which group really “embraces delusion and ignorance.” The entire world has now made clear their knowledge that Trump and his troops take that cake.
Molly Ball of Time, wrote: “It’s been said that in the final days of his term, Trump ran amoc.” Time Magazine said,” A party that abandoned its principles to gain power, has lost both.”
And Abraham Lincoln said, “No grievance is a fit object of redress by mob law!” Suppose Lincoln saw Trump coming?
Dan Lourie

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 4/15/21

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