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How will Daines respond to claims of voter fraud?
Over the last six years, I have written a number of letters to newly re-elected Sen. Daines’ office and have not once received a single substantial response. So, I hope the senator is reading today,
because I have a question for him. Sen. Daines, how will you respond to President Trump’s totally baseless claims of widespread voter fraud, and a rigged election? What will you do to defend democratic institutions?
Fletcher Kasmer
Country needs leadership to end this polarization
In response to Nov. 4 letter to the editor titled, “US flag not political, meant to unite not divide:” Yes, the U.S. flag was meant to unite not divide. However, the flag represents America’s present as well as its past, and as such, it’s meaning changes with our country. In Trump’s America, the flag has taken on a new political meaning that overshadows its patriotic roots. No other group uses the American flag as vehemently as the far-right. Emboldened by Trump and motivated to prove their patriotism, far-right groups constantly tout the American flag.
Conservative groups like these have used the flag to such an extent that it is now associated with the far-right.
Political is defined as relating to the ideas or strategies of a particular party or group in politics, and therefore the far-right’s strong association with the American flag unfortunately makes the flag political.
The flag should not represent one political ideology. The flag was intended for all Americans, not just avid Trump supporters, and we must reclaim the flag to remove its political association. We can start by waving the flag, however that alone is not enough. The politicization of the flag is rooted in the extreme polarization of our politics, and this must be addressed to restore the flag’s original meaning as a symbol of America’s highest ideals without any particular political leaning.
We need leadership that actively works to unite rather than divide us, and we need to listen to each other and seek uncomfortable conversations that challenge our ideas. These efforts to remedy our polarization will depoliticize our flag and help us form a more perfect union. And that is what will make America great.
Bekah Anderson
Do you believe in nation’s democracy or not?
At this point in our nation’s history I think that here in Montana it is time to ask our Republican leaders, especially our junior Senator Steve Daines, a simple question: Do you believe in our nation’s democracy or not? The citizens of the United States have elected Joe Biden as the 46th president with a popular vote margin of well over five million votes, and by an electoral vote that will soon match Trump’s 2016 total of 306 votes.
If Senator Daines does believe in a democracy, could he please say so and now work to begin a transition to move forward with the important issues facing our country? If he does not believe in a democracy could he please make it clear to his constituents that he really prefers a king/dictator/authoritative form of government where minions are kept in power, rather than recognizing the citizens’ right to elect our leaders?
Orville Bach
Trump’s smokescreen is putting our country at risk
Donald Trump lost this election, both the popular vote and the electoral vote. All attempts to claim that there was fraud have been discredited. That talk is just a smokescreen. In plain sight, Trump has been purging competent high up officials in the military and intelligence and security. He is replacing them with sycophants.
He is in the process of sacrificing this country in order to hang on to power.
Every citizen who does not speak out is complicit! Do not adopt a wait and see attitude! This is urgent! Call, write, and attend a rally supporting the vote. If this coup d’état succeeds, none of us will
have the protection of the constitution.
Democracy in the U.S. will be lost.
Whether one is a Republican or a Democrat or something else does not matter. All of us will lose our voice. This is what happened in Nazi Germany. Ask our veterans that we honor this Veterans Day, just what they fought for. Today, we all need to fight for our country in the face of this very real and present danger.
Mary Carlson

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 11/15/20

Daines’ baseless allegation threatens democracy
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle of Nov. 7 has a headline saying “Daines backs Trump’s effort to contest vote” and the text of the article says he is among Republicans who “questioned the integrity of
the national election.” Also, his campaign allegedly sent a text message saying that “Dems are stealing the election.”
Is that our senator’s sentiment? I hope not. It would be an embarrassment to the state of Montana, and I hope he will disavow it. No significant evidence for any of this has been presented. I and, I am sure, all voters agree with the Daines’ quote that “Every legally cast ballot should be counted,” but in the context of his support of Trump’s position, his capital letters suggest that many ballots were illegal.
Early vote ballots are legal; mail-in ballots are legal; ballots submitted by adjudicated deadlines are legal. What illegal ballots are we talking about? How many are there?
I hope that Sen. Daines will tell us that he does not support the position of President Trump, who has stated, without evidence, “The Biden Campaign ….. wants votes counted even if they are
fraudulent, manufactured or cast by ineligible or deceased voters.” That is untrue and an unacceptable insult to Joe Biden and the 74 million of us who honestly voted for him.
I believe that that the thousands of citizens and civil servants, Republicans and Democrats, who are running our elections are doing a conscientious and honest job. In fact, they already are
disregarding improper ballots. If there are injustices in the system, let the facts and evidence of them come first and the attacks and lawsuits second. Questioning the integrity of our elections without evidence is dangerous to democracy and should be beneath the dignity of our elected officials.
Stephen Guggenheim

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 11/17/20

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