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Daines, Rosendale, Gianforte need to support the truth/Constitution

Burden of ensuring our democracy falls on parents
As a citizen and a parent, a dark cloud hung over me as I processed the fact that last week’s disgusting and dangerous events in Washington, DC transpired in the country our children will inherit.
The easy pathway forward is succumbing to fear. But as parents, my wife and I cannot succumb to fear. We will not succumb to fear.
Our outgoing President wants us to cower in fear — fear of the “other” in myriad forms; fear of someone or something “stealing” an election, or worse, stealing a safe and prosperous future from us. Three of Montana’s elected officials — Sen. Steve Daines, Rep. Matt Rosendale and Gov. Greg Gianforte — also want us to succumb to fear, evidenced by the dishonest manner in which they supported blatant misinformation and lies spewed by a megalomaniac who, ironically, they seem to be deeply afraid of.
Fellow parents: We cannot allow ourselves to let fear govern our lives. Our children are watching, listening, seeking knowledge. So, every day we must urge our children to listen to their friends and classmates, engage in respectful dialogue, be not merely “tolerant” but absolutely accepting of others, of that which might be different; and above all practice simple, sincere kindness in every interaction with their peers.
Our children are the future of this unique, amazing, imperfect, inspiring, ever-evolving project that is the United States of America. Let’s make a point, every day, to preach acceptance, kindness and hope to them. The future of our democracy — our children — depends on the lessons and messaging we impart upon them now. They deserve better than the current state of our country.
David Gregg
After Capitol siege, Daines and Rosendale need to go
Make no mistake about it, yesterday’s siege of the United States Capitol building and the mob violence that ensued was incited by President Donald Trump’s actions January 6th at his Capitol Mall speech, which he personally rallied his supporters to attend, and then asked them to march on the Capital building.
Equally complicit in this violence is our Montana U.S. Senator, Steve Daines, and newly inaugurated House congressman, Matt Rosendale. Their support and spreading of known lies about the validity of the recently held presidential elections, their vocal support of President Donald Trump and his claims of a “landslide” victory stolen from him led to yesterday’s violence and the assault not only on our Capital building and elected representatives but on the foundation of our democracy and truth itself.
As our elected leaders we expect and require Sen. Daines and Congressman Rosendale to uphold the constitution and to vocally speak out to support the truth.
Virtue is the act of holding the common good above your personal interests. It should be a prerequisite for being elected to any office and one that both of our elected representatives have dramatically failed to embrace.
I call on Sen. Steve Daines and Congressman Matt Rosendale to immediately resign from office and issue an apology to Montana citizens for their actions over the last weeks and months of promoting Donald Trump’s lies.
It is not enough to say you condemn violence and the attack on the Capitol. You must also specifically condemn President Donald Trump’s actions to incite violence on Jan. 6 and separate yourself from his conspiracy theories, lies, and false rhetoric. If this repudiation and apology are not forthcoming then I call on my fellow Montana citizens to immediately begin a recall procedure for both representatives.
Frank Meyer
Daines’ reversal doesn’t make him less guilty
Your signing on to the questioning of the Electoral College results was an attempt to subvert what was a valid national election. It demonstrates a disregard for your oath of office and constitutional responsibility. It also makes you culpable for the behavior of the domestic terrorists who rioted and stormed the Capitol building yesterday.
Your last minute decision to not follow through on your objection to the Election does not make you less guilty.
The people of Montana deserve better. We deserve an honest, responsible, deserving Senator. You are not that. I call for your resignation today.
Martha Collins
Trump shamed country, broke Republican Party
To paraphrase Franklin Roosevelt on Dec. 8, 1941, the actions witnessed in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021 will be remembered as a day of infamy, both in our country and in world history.
Sen. Daines, Gov. Gianforte and Rep. Rosendale, you are complicit with regards to what happened. While I truly want to believe your words condemning the activities of the violent protestors to the 2020 election results, your unquestioning support of the man who approved of and incited the mayhem put those claims in question.
I truly hope that your names appear in the history books, in bold type. You all owe not only your constituents in Montana but the entire country a sincere apology. Your fealty to a man whose apparent primary concern is retention of personal power at any cost and self-aggrandizement is part of the problem, not the solution. And we all badly need a solution to the current division of our country.
Donald Trump, through his actions, has shamed the country and broken the Republican Party. I urge you to not only acknowledge your misguided support of him but also to see that he does not walk away unscathed. Even in the waning days of his presidency, he has the ability to create even more chaos and violence. Do what you can to send him away now, in disgrace.
I lived through the Nixon debacle but this is worse. I think that I speak for others when I say that it does not matter how I voted in 2020. I am an American.
Dan Bilyeu

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 1/12/21

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