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Daines’ recycled slogan shows he is out of touch

Recently I’ve started to see Steve Daines signs popping up again with the slogan “More Jobs, Less Government.” Recycling this meaningless slogan from his last campaign shows how astonishingly out of touch Daines is with the crisis now facing Montana families.
More jobs? Daines and his administration have now presided over the greatest loss of jobs since the Great Depression. Less government? Would that be less of the millions of dollars that Congress has allocated to help businesses and unemployed Montanans survive, and that kept our economy from collapsing? Or the loan programs that Gov. Bullock keeps implementing to help our small businesses? Or Daines’ government ignoring the virus outbreak until it was too late to head off the disaster we are now in?
Or maybe he wants less of the outstanding leadership that Steve Bullock has shown day after day as head of Montana’s government, leadership that has kept us safe and helped Montana weather the pandemic crisis better than almost any other state.
We are all suffering because of Steve Daines’ leadership failure. It’s a strong reminder that what we need is the kind of good government that Steve Bullock provides, not “less” government.
Geoff Stephens

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 6/27/20

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