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Daines has chosen party over country, rule of law

Daines is worse than Trump. I say this because Daines and the Republican led Senate has within its power to rein in Trump, to legally call him out for his many immoral and blatantly illegal actions and to honestly discuss with their constituents the terrifying destabilization of our country that Trump is deliberately causing.
Instead Daines has chosen Trump over democracy. Daines has chosen Trump over the rule of law. In fact, Daines has chosen Trump over reality. Daines was elected to serve his constituency and his country, not Trump. If Trump loses the election and violence ensues, do you trust Daines to uphold results of the election or will he support those who incite and commit violence in their efforts to keep Trump president?
Vote as if democracy depended on your vote. It does. Vote Steve Bullock for Montana senator. Bullock is committed to democracy and the Constitution. He has and will serve the people of Montana.
Mary Carlson

Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letter to the Editor 9/29/20

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