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Daines, Gianforte, Rosendale not working for Montana

Daines, Gianforte not working for our needs
Notwithstanding their recent unfathomable elections, it is more than ever disconcerting to find Daines and Gianforte in positions of not working to make sense of the needs of the people of
Montana. Neither one managed during his previous elected position to find any way to come up with ideas, moments of intelligence, or to help at all in the difficulties, needs and tragedies of those
who have voted for them.
Daines, for starters, kowtowing to the worst president in U.S. history as he lies with Trump about the election, joining the cohorts of that lying, crooked Republican so-called president’s attempt to steal the election, dishonorably shows his true colors, proving himself to be an abomination. That alone shows us the mistakes of the Montana people who voted for him. I was happy to drop him
a line to give him my view of that awful activity, and I’m told that many others have done so as well.
As for Gianforte, it makes little sense to bother reminding the people of Montana about lies, one after the other — as we keep our eyes open for those additional lies we know to be sure to come. We all of course remember Gianforte misleading investigators in his assault case, and now we’re focused on his health care lies. He said he’d protect our access to Affordable Health Care, while supporting a Republican lawsuit dismantling our Affordable Care Act, and looking to end Medicaid expansion.
He also claimed that as governor he’d lower health care costs, protect Montanans with pre-existing conditions, and preserve rural access to care. But achieving those goals is nearly impossible without the ACA, denying healthcare to 125,000 Montanans.
Unfortunately, we’re stuck with those two guys, and must all keep them apprised of what Montanans need and deserve.
Dan Lourie
Doesn’t Sen. Daines owe voters the truth?
Sir, given that you were willing to play along with helping perpetuate the myth that the 2020 election was fraudulent even though you knew better, then after the violence, you suddenly changed
your mind and voted that it was fair and square, at what point will you man up and tell those poor willfully ignorant voters that you were just playing them?
That you knew that the election was fair but by playing on their ignorance and stupidity, you could get their votes?
PT Barnum was right in that there are suckers born every minute, but don’t you think you owe the suckers the truth?
Rick Winking
Hope anger and distrust give way to mutual respect
Even those decades younger than me probably remember when, if one stayed up late on election night, one would know who the next POTUS would be. The “other fellow” would give a graceful
concession speech soon thereafter. Here it is January, and, well, perhaps the New Year will bring another “first:” a squatter in the White House. As for me, the fun of the national election ended when Amy withdrew and no Republican challenger appeared. As a senior citizen, I should have been content that two septuagenarians were nominated; however, my enthusiasm bottomed after the Great Bicker.
On the bright side, our country was founded on principles of justice, equality, and the dignity of all people. I will pray for Congress and our eventual President. I will hope for the integrity of the media. I will hope that anger and distrust will give way to mutual respect, and that instead of “polarization,” we reach at least the mid-latitudes.
Kevin T. Williams
Remember GOP officials’ actions in future elections
It is beyond shocking that our elected officials choose to blatantly defy their Constitutional duties and the electoral will of the people. Montana’s outgoing Attorney General Tim Fox, incoming
Gov. Greg Gianforte, Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Matt Rosendale have all brought shame to Montana. Their actions, while thankfully futile, are far from benign. They do lasting damage to our state and our nation.
Last month, Gianforte and Fox added their names to a ridiculous and specious lawsuit attempting to overturn the official results of the 2020 presidential elections in four key states. That effort
failed when the US Supreme Court swiftly rejected it outright. This week, Daines and Rosendale joined a tawdry effort to block the Electoral College from its ceremonial affirmation of each state’s election results. This effort too was doomed to failure.
Nevertheless, by affirming their names and the weight of their offices to such assaults on America’s electoral system, all four show themselves as sycophantic partisans, more interested in keeping power in corrupt hands than upholding the laws and the Constitution they swore an oath to protect. They will forever be complicit in inciting the appalling mob violence that befell our nation’s Capitol building this week.
May we all remember their sordid actions in future election cycles.
Betty Stroock
Daines and Rosendale unfit for federal office
It is clear after today’s violent events that Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Matthew Rosendale are unfit for federal office and should be removed from their positions by recall. Both, by supporting President Trump and his mob rule, are guilty of attempting to subvert the U.S. Constitution, of flagrant sedition, and certainly treason to the Democratic principles on which this nation was founded. Based on zero evidence of fraud and rather than seeking reconciliation in the postelection, Daines and Rosendale have kowtowed and curried favor with a deranged president bent on dividing our country.
Both men will go down as spineless Trump toadies who were front and center during the first attempted insurrection during a power transfer in our Republic’s history. You are disgraceful stains on the reputation of Montana and the United States of America. I hope both traitors are arrested and tried for their roles in this travesty.
Mark Sullivan
Bozeman Daily Chronicle Letters to the Editor 1/9/21

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